Welcome to the Virus Lab

Located in central Ohio, we study the ecology and evolution of viruses infecting bacteria and archaea. Viruses are a major factor driving the evolution of microbial species, with a prominent storyline revolving around the fact that marine phages that infect photosynthetic cyanobacteria encode the core reaction center protein of photosynthesis that is dominant in microbial metagenomes, expressed by viruses during infection, and offers a subtle way in which marine phage impact global carbon cycling. Less subtly, phages also impact carbon cycling through horizontal (lateral) gene transfer (HGT) from one host to another, killing off host cells (mortality) and present significant selective pressure adapt to avoid phage predation.

 Prochlorococcus Cyanophage Genomes

For more information about the lab, please see our public site: http://u.osu.edu/viruslab/. The remainder of this WIKI (with the exception of Released Bioinformatic Scripts) is for internal lab use with protocols, cruise information, lab notes and other non-public information. For access to this website, please contact Matthew Sullivan (mbsulli - at - gmail).

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