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 **Author:** Simon Roux\\ **Author:** Simon Roux\\
-**Associate manuscript:​** ​Cultivation-independent exploration ​of SUP05 host-virus interactions in a model Oxygen Minimum Zone (Submitted)\\+**Associate manuscript:​** ​[[http://​elifesciences.org/​content/​3/​e03125#​sthash.sskQREWU.dpuf|Roux,​ S., Hawley, A.K., Torres Beltran, M., Scofield, M., Schwientek, P., Stepanauskas,​ R., Woyke, T., Hallam, S.J., Sullivan, M.B. (doi:​10.7554/​eLife.03125). Ecology and evolution ​of viruses infecting uncultivated ​SUP05 bacteria as revealed by single-cell genomics and metagenomics]].\\
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